You Don't Need to be on Instagram Daily!

If you're anything like me, time is something you don't have a lot of.

Hanging out on Instagram for hours at a time isn't required in order to have Instagram working effectively for your business.

You just need to ensure that when you ARE on Instagram, you're doing the right things to build your business.

1. Your Boss Bio + Profile Photo

This is where you can grab people's attention with what you offer and how you can help. Be clear, direct and use an eyecatching photo. If YOU are your brand, use a picture of yourself!

2. Use your one link wisely

You've only got that one link in your profile. Use it to either promote your lead magnet (where you offer something of value in exchange for their email address), or the webpage of your current promotion or service.

3. Plan your content in advance

Trust me, this will save you LOADS of time! You can easily map out 2-3 week's worth of posts in one hour. Bonus points if you use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule them in advance.

4. Post Consistently

You don't need to post every single day. If you can only commit to three times a week, then commit to three times a week. Instagram will reward that consistency.

5. Post to Stories Daily!

Ok...this one I am recommending daily. But Stories are fun, casual and laid-back. You can quickly make a Story by documenting something you did that day (like taking a walk, or making a delicious hot chocolate) or using one of the engagement stickers to ask your audience a question. Stories help humanize you, and keep you top of mind.

6. Engage!

You get back what you put out. So next time you're on Instagram, take 10 minutes to engage by liking and leaving thoughtful comments on people's posts who are within your industry/niche.

Until next time!

Kerri. 😊

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