Using Video to Market Your Products & Services

For many of us, we might have extra time we didn't previously have. Let's put it to excellent use by doing all the things with our business we've always wanted to, knew that we should, but was always put on the back burner.

Today, I want to talk about video. Video has never been king more so than now, when people are flocking to the internet to keep themselves connected, occupied and to also learn.

Create a video to help inform your clients/customers.

If you’re a coach, it could be providing a tip on a great exercise for horse or rider.

If you’re a Vet, it could be talking about biosecurity measures people can take at the barn.

If you’re a tack shop or equipment supplier, it could be featuring a product and talking about its uses.
….you get the idea.

Not only will you be providing people with information that will help them, you are also marketing yourself.

Videos on your Facebook, Instagram and channels will help to grow your audience & visibility. Videos on your website will help increase your search engine optimization and drive traffic to your site.

Bonus points if you do live videos on Facebook & Instagram, as the algorithm favours live videos and will share those at a higher rate.

Time to get creative!

And if you do create a video, make sure to tag me on Facebook and Instagram so I can share 🙂

Until next time!