Top 4 Tips for Persuasive Copywriting That Captivates & Sells

It’s a very noisy market out there, and to cut through all that busy-ness your words need to really stand out and connect.

Your website, your social posts, your emails….they all work to help promote & grow your business. And while imagery is powerful, so are the words which will compel the reader to either feel something or take action.

Here are some tips on how to craft your copy.

Talk to One Person at a Time

Chances are people are reading your content by themselves, so you want to speak to them directly. Don’t start with “Hey Guys,” or “Hi Everyone,”.


Be Conversational

You can immediately be more personal when you use contractions.

I’m vs. I am

We’re vs. We are


Use Direct, not Flowery, Language

You don’t want to be too clever with how you say things. You run the risk of confusing people, or worse turning them off. Be specific. Instead of saying “This supplement will transform your horse’s health.”, say “Improve your horse’s nutrient levels & maintain strong joints”.


Don't Write in Huge Blocks

You want to break up your sentences and not group them together in big paragraphs. 

This makes it much easier for people to scan through and take it all in. When faced with a series of long paragraphs, people tend to tune out and can't be bothered with the effort....and you've then lost them.​​


To sum up, your writing should make the reader feel understood, connected and confident. That will build the valuable know/like/trust factor so that they become fans and feel comfortable, if not convinced, that they want to buy from you.

 Until next time!

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