The best Reel to create on Instagram 🎥

Are you creating Reels yet?

I hope you've tried at least a couple, because they can easily get you 5 to 10 times more views than a regular post.

But which is better... a 15s or a 30s Reel?


Why? Social media tends to be fast consumption. We like to scroll, be hit with fast information, and then move on to the next dopamine hit.

It's a tough job to keep someone's attention for a full 30s.

But it's a much easier to keep it for 15s.

If people are watching your entire Reel, that signals to Instagram that it's interesting and the algorithm will then push it out to more people. #algorithmhack

Try it yourself and see what the results are.

Until next time!

Kerri. 😊

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