The Ultimate Social Media Scheduling Tool

I have a fantastic tool to share with you!

You already know that social media is a tried & proven way to help grow your customer base and support your business.

And that showing up consistently is a vital key to success. You don't have to post every day, but a good rule of thumb is a minimum of 3x/week.

Yet showing up even 3x/week can feel next to impossible... am I right? 😩

Your spinning plates likely include serving your customers, dealing with family stuff, never-ending house chores and trying to fit in some barn time.

Now there's Christmas coming up... even if it will be a modified Christmas, it will still add to your To-Do list.

Being organized & planning ahead is what will let you do *all the things*, without being chained to your phone.

Enter Facebook Creator Studio!

It's FREE and let's you schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts in advance.

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My top tips for using it are:

  1. It's waaaaay easier to use it on your desktop/laptop vs. the phone app.
  2. If you're scheduling a post to appear on both Facebook & Instagram, make sure you start creating your post in the Instagram section. You'll see a checkbox where you can include it on Facebook as well. BUT REMEMBER TO SCHEDULE THEM BOTH SEPARATELY! If you only schedule the Instagram date/time, then your post will go out immediately on Facebook. (avoid my mistakes)

Until next time!

Kerri. 😊

Struggling to grow your social community?
Unsure what to post?
Worried about being repetitive?

My free 30 Day Social Media Planner is tried & tested to help get your creative juices flowing so that you have a post lined up for every day of the week.