Converting Followers to Customers using Highlights on your Equestrian Instagram Account

I know it's great for our egos to grow our followers on Instagram.

But it's better for our equestrian business to convert those followers into customers!

One way you can do this is by leveraging Instagram Highlights.

What are Instagram Highlights?

Highlights are those circles that you see below your bio.

They are saved Stories which last as long as you want them to appear in a Highlight.

You can have as many of these Highlight "circles" as you like, though I recommend aiming to have no more than 5 as that is how many can immediately be seen when someone visits your profile.

Each Highlight can hold up 100 Stories, but that's a lot! As with anything, less is more to help not overwhelm your visitor.

Why have Highlights on your Equestrian Instagram Account?

Treat Highlights as if it's the navigation menu of your website.

They help direct people to key parts of your business you want them to know about vs. relying on them scrolling through every post you've made to your account and reading every caption.

Highlight Ideas

  • Services (or Products)
  • About
  • Tips
  • FAQs
  • Reviews (or  Client ❤️)

If you're a product-based business, you may want to create a seasonal Gift Ideas Highlight and/or Sales.

Choose Your Highlight Covers Wisely

Choose your covers wisely to sum up what that Highlight is about.

Whether you use a picture or create a custom branded covers in, you want it to clearly represent what that Highlight is about and be visually pleasing/cohesive. 

Keep Your Highlight Titles Short!

Instagram doesn't give you a lot of space, and will add in the dreaded "..." if your title is too long.

Again like your website navigation menu, you want to be short & sweet. 

Update Your Highlights Regularly 

Every couple of months, go in and curate your Highlights.

Remove ones that are either outdated or very old (ex. 3 months or older) and refresh with some new Stories.

Which reminds me... I better go check out my own Highlights! 😳

Now go take action!

I'm excited for you to get Instagram Highlights for you!

DM me with any questions you have, or for me to take a peek at your Highlights.